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Teaching the Children Peace Through Meditation

NEW RELEASE: May 27 2022 

Rainbow Meditation For Children of all ages 

–> Listen to Rainbow Meditation for Children <–

About the Rainbow Meditation

Juliane Renée, NY – licensed mindful meditation guide and hypnotherapist and Carlos Carty, Brazil – Master flutist and music producer, have collaborated to create a masterful and timely series of children’s meditations. The first in the series, Rainbow Meditation, is now available. 

Meditation has many proven benefits for children such as improving sleep, increasing focus and attention span, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, building stronger mental resilience, improving emotional regulation, and increasing self awareness and empathy. 

Our Rainbow Meditation opens the door to a place of peace and calm. Children of all ages are gently brought to a safe space to release and balance their emotions. The gentle breath work leads the participant to release tension and stress and to let go of blockages in expression. The kind and tender voice of our meditation guide backed by the beautiful music and sounds of water and nature envelop the children to foster acceptance of themselves and others. This Rainbow Meditation works through the colors of the rainbow and correlates these colors to the energy centers n the body, focusing on maintaining positive mental health and cultivating a sense of peace and gratitude for all life. 

Designed for continued use, our Rainbow Meditation has a bonus feature of an extended instrumental section which allows the participants to deepen their state of relaxation and calm, the benefits of which extend throughout the day. Listening to the Rainbow Meditation creates a special time for children, parents, guardians, caregivers, or teachers to enjoy together, and imparts skills that will continue to develop for a lifetime. 

–> Listen to Rainbow Meditation for Children <–

Be Well and Breathe Love 

Juliane Renée & Carlos Carty 
Meditation Guide | Meditation Music 

Breathe Love Meditation Space 


released May 27, 2022 


Carlos Carty 
Music Producer 

Juliane Renée 
Meditation Guide 

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