We are a team of educators and activists dedicated to bringing peace to all people, regardless of race or religion. Through education and involved participation, we are helping to evolve society through our most valuable and powerful resource in the world today: our children.

Your donations support educational programs that help our children make a difference by creating a better world.

Peace. It starts with you.


Teach the Children Peace Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that gives grants and supports programs that promote human dignity and respect for all the people of the world.

Through educating our children about personal responsibility, acceptance and compassion, we can eradicate the ignorance that fosters hatred between one another and different cultures.


We provide grants to schools and educational programs that teach children to create peace within themselves, their families and communities, locally in Califonia and worldwide through the use of:

Discussions of personal and global issues

Art, Music and Dance Projects


Keepers of the Earth

Innovative Projects

Leadership Development



We provide charitable giving to schools and educational organizations that teach children about peace and conflict resolution.