Field Trips to The Museum of Tolerance

This grant is to be used for teaching children to create peace within themselves, their families and communities, locally and globally.


To prepare the students for the field trip, teach a lesson from the list of Lesson Plans provided by the Museum of Tolerance(MOT) or a Lesson Plan on Tolerance from your local Districts approved curriculum.

Link to the MOT Lessons:

After the field trip, have the students write a one-page reflection using one or more of the questions below:

-What are the similarities that brings people of diverse cultures together?

-What will I do today to make a difference by bringing peace to my family, school, neighborhood and the world?

-If peace begins with you, what can you do to feel peace inside yourself?

-Why do you think students bully?  What can you do to stop the bullying?


Mail to:  TCP Foundation, P.O. Box 6061-472, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91413

To apply for a grant for a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance please read the instructions and fill out the application below.


2018-19 School Year: Grants up to $1,000 are available.

Eligibility: Register Carrying Teacher Grade 4-12

Application Process:

1. Apply online below.

2. Budget: a. Cost-Bus is up to $400.00 (60 seats) b. Admission to the museum is $10-15.00 per person

3. Application Review and Granting of the Award

4. Award must be used within six months from date of application

5. After Museum visit, send to above address: a. Samples of student’s reflection of the field trip. b. Photos and drawings may be included.


    Admission - $10 or $15 per person:

    I will mail samples of student reflections to Teach the Children Peace Foundation within 15 days of the event.