About Us

Teach the Children Peace Foundation was created by experienced educators and counselors who on a daily basis are confronted with children in pain and in conflict. As a result, our goal is to give children the skills and tools needed to bring resolution to conflict through nonviolent methods.

Board Members

Silvia Perchuk

Silvia has 20 years of experience as an Elementary School teacher, Instructional Reading Coach and Bilingual Coordinator for the Los Angeles Public School. After retiring from the LAUSD, Silvia began to work with young teachers as a Mentor and Support Provider for the UCLA Extension Teacher Credential Program. For 3 years, Silvia also volunteered for the NCJW’s “Homework Club” afterschool program where she tutored Elementary School students in English and Math.

Silvia’s firm belief is that only through the education of our youth, can we eliminate the ignorance that fosters hatred among people. She is most concerned with helping our youth acquire the understanding and life skills needed to take responsibility for both their own lives and the lives of others.

Seeing the positive changes in the lives of children after they are given the tools to succeed, Silvia created Teach the Children Peace Foundation to help in the transformation of our world into one of caring, sharing, and peace for all.

Sherri Jaye
Sherri Jaye has pursued a career in the mental health field, using her therapeutic and counseling skills to foster resiliency, to serve and inspire success in children and their families in multiple environments and cultures.

Sherri is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a credentialed school counselor. Sherri’s specialties include assisting parents and school staff with overcoming and addressing student educational challenges. Sherri has also coordinated group counseling and crisis counseling for families with acute needs.

For 8 years she was co-chairperson for the annual Best Practices in Counseling Resource Fair. She currently is a Program Coordinator for the Ready For School Center in the Los Angeles School District. This is a program that serves parents who have children 0-5 to prepare them for pre-school and kindergarten. She can use her skills in leadership with her staff and is able to continue to teach the parents how to become the best role models they can be for their children.

Sherri has 4 beautiful children, 6 gorgeous grandchildren, and 2 precious dogs. In her spare time, she is also a hairdresser and a Certified LifeMastery Consultant. She coaches people to achieve their life goals and dreams by teaching seminars, workshops, conducting Mastermind groups, and providing individual coaching.

Karen Timko
Karen Timko has served children and families as a teacher for 6 years followed by 24 years of service to the Los Angeles Unified School District as a school psychologist, organization facilitator of school-community partnerships, and administrator of counseling programs.

From a very early age, Karen advocated for youth in out-of-home placements and became a guardian to two amazing children. She and her children endured a bitter custody battle that resulted in deepening her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of foster care youth. She is currently writing a book about this experience that she hopes will inspire others to stay lovingly connected to their children despite all obstacles and to influence change to the current legal processes that often perpetuate violence rather than facilitating healing and peace for children and their caregivers. Currently, her home is a multi-cultural safe haven of unconditional love and enthusiastic support for her young adult children, 3 adored grandchildren, and a houseful of their friends who bless her heart with joy every single day. She truly believes that World Peace is possible and is excited to be part of making it happen through the collective work of the Teach the Children Peace Foundation.